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Colours and Characters

First thing when you are making a homepage is the colours. What colour to choose? And how do I know that I've chosen the best, or the one that I like most? You surely can't know it from codes or colour names as they always have a different tint than you expect. For this reason I prepared a simple table with all the named HTML colours to help me choose. This table will perhaps come useful to others too, so here are too tables: named colours and safe colours.

A step forward is trying it on. What does it look like if I try to match "aliceblue" colour background with black letters? this is exactly what you can do with the following Colour Chooser page.

Another important thing is what characters you can use on your page. The basic ASCII characters are always safe, as all browsers can display them. But these make up only a small portion of what a Netscape, Mozilla or Opera browser is capable of. As a help, I've created a character code table to test my browser: HTML characters.

Sometimes you may wish to put some things outside the visible screen. You can do that if you use some layers. Of course, moving layers are also special effects, which you can use to enchant users. Photo Album.

JavaScript give much more control than one would imagine. As an example, look at a movable control panel. Another useful feature is when the control remains at the same point while you are scrolling down.

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